Sports scoring bugs

We have a wide range of scoring bug solutions covering every major sport and discipline - from professional to collegiate and more. Each sport has specially-tailored software with a rich feature set, including statistics and scoreboard integration, built-in roster management, and sponsorship abilities.

Sport Features 4.jpg

Wide feature set

Our sports bug software includes a wide array of features: statistic and scoreboard integration, sponsorship capability, and many more.

Consistent UI_4.jpg

consistent UI

Training your operators to use our software is easy because every sport shares a consistent UI, drastically reducing the time it takes to learn. Experience using one sport carries over directly to any other sport.

Graphics_Football Bugs_4.jpg

Customizable graphics & animations

Our graphics rendering engine is completely open-ended so your network’s look & feel will be faithfully implemented, with fluid animations and support for all modern broadcast formats, including 4K @ 60 fps.


See below for a few examples of the graphics available from our sports scoring bug software: